Friday, June 19, 2009


I bravely opened up my blog today to whoever in the universe runs across it. If my little journey can help someone else be encouraged in their efforts to become or stay healthy then I'm all about it. Now...about 2 hours later after hitting the "Anyone can read" button, I'm wondering to myself what this means... and I'm SCARED! It means a WHOLE lot more accountability. When just a few were reading it, I didn't have to post if I didn't want to...I was just semi-committed. The few read it when I made a post, but there was a lot left unsaid.

If I had a bad day and ate caramel bars, then it was just a bad day. I wouldn't post about it. I'd write when I had an epiphany I wanted to share or when I had accomplished something great. But now... if I disappear for a few days, then it's out there, people KNOW! YOU will know! But I guess that's what makes a journey a journey. It's not easy, I KNOW that! There are great days and there are tough days. I make great choices and I make not so great choices. I'm not giving myself permission to have the bad caramel eating days, but more just acknowledging that they happen. And when they happen I will write about them.

I've been thinking about something lately. At the start of all this a year ago I searched and searched for motivation. On days where I didn't feel motivated, I'd sit on the couch watching TV because I just couldn't get MOTIVATED. Now...I think the trick is searching for DEDICATION... Motivation is fleeting and hard to find. Dedication is based on the reasons I started this whole thing in the first place. Dedication is built around ALL of ways I want my life to change. Those reasons are constant.

What do you think about that? Do you think it's more about MOTIVATION or is it more about DEDICATION? Can you do it if you're not motivated? If it IS about being do you stay motivated? What do you do that helps you along and keeps you going? How do I get myself to workout when I really just want to take a nap? What works for you?


  1. this is tricky! So hard to find motivation when being healthy & working out is the last thing I wanna do. I'm so not naturally healthy and in fact, I'm quite confident it goes agains every bone in my body. BUT...the only thing that keeps me going, is really truly remembering the feelings - the deep down, don't tell anyone, probably not even admitting them to myself feelings when I was overweight. That is what keeps me going - I never want to go back.

  2. I came over from Prior Fat Girl's blog. I know exactly what you mean about opening up your blog - I had to let my family and friends know about mine, though, for the exact reason you mentioned: accountability. It's the only way I knew that I would post often and be honest, because it's not like I can lie to people who see me every day. At first, it was a way of making sure I did well because I didn't want to let them down and slowly turned into the RIGHT reason, which is not wanting to let myself down!

    I think you're exactly right: dedication BREEDS motivation. Rewarding yourself leads to motivation. Setting small goals - looking only so far as a day or week ahead when things get hard - can do wonders! Then all of a sudden you look up and see exactly how far you've come, and all that motivation just builds on itself. But it starts with being dedicated to one thing at one time, and when you finish that, find another one thing.

    I would love to add you to my daily reading (but will keep you off my blog roll, unless you're OK with me adding you?), and please feel free to stop by my blog anytime you want - we can feel emotionally exposed together! :) Jenna -

  3. Hey lady! Was just popping in to see what is new and noticed no pass needed today! Yeah for you!! It is a big step, but I think it will be a GREAT one for you, and through you Chris too! Keep the posts coming... :)