Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update.... Food 1, Cheryl 0

OK, so I failed pretty miserably last nigt on the boat cruise. It was SO much fun, and believe me, our family needed some fun. I'm sure that there were many things that led to my demise. The fun people I was with, being very hungry by the time we got there, (I had a protein bar with me but didn't eat it), and I wasn't paying attention to what I put on my plate. It all looked good, and was a buffet, so I took everything. SO BAD!!! I even skipped the healthy fruit and lettuce salad. Looking back my choices could have and should have been SO much better!

Here's what was on the menu...(and what I had) :(
Bruchetta Chicken (probably about a 4-5 oz piece)
New York strip steak (they cut it off the end for me so that it was well done, maybe 6 oz?) (Mine was pretty thin)
MASHED POTATO'S!!! I'm sorry but I had seconds of these. Dude, they were SO GOOD!
pasta salad with parmesan cheese and chicken. I just took a little and ate it first!
and this breaded fish stuff. I don't even really like fish, but it was YUMMY! and just a little piece, probably 3-4 oz.
Then they of course had a dessert section, I had pecan pie. It was a small piece, but I am SURE that the calories even in a small piece of pecan pie should NOT find their way in my mouth!
So yep, FAILED!!!


I'm going to chalk this up as a cheat meal and hope that I've done well enough, and that I can bring it the next few days to make up for it. Wishful thinking makes me want to believe that maybe my body NEEDED a high calorie meal. lol UGH!
I'm going to drink lots of water today. Maybe that will help to?

On a positive note...I think I learned something about how to function within the "world." AND my determination is even stronger today. It's really life or death that I get this figured out. I also learned that it's a big stumbling block for me if other people around me are eating what I can't. It's not new news that I don't like to tell myself no. So when other people are enjoying what I want to eat, then I tell myself that I can have it and give up the fight pretty darn easily. But maybe I'm doing the same thing. Maybe my eating in an unhealthy way is making it hard for them to? Hmmmm, new thought.

Ohhhh we took some GREAT pictures that I'll try to post tonight. I also need to post our 5K pics!!! We have CAKE and presents with my sis in law tonight, but I'll get it done. :)


  1. pictures pictures pictures lady, get 'em up!

    We have our entire life to figure out how to be healthy. What counts is that we keep trying. The minute we give up is the minute we give in to horrible feelings not only physically but also mentally. AND...we both know how much better we feel when we work out and eat the right foods.

    :) Keep it up!

  2. This is exactly the night I had tonight! I actually didn't do too badly overall, but I definitely ate more than I should've today, and my tummy is not letting me forget it. This isn't a habit for me (for the last three and a half months anyway!), so as long as I don't let one "off" night turn into a week or a month or a year, I should be OK. :) Moderation - isn't that the buzzword? I think I need to look it up in the dictionary again! :)