Monday, June 1, 2009

We Need a Plan Man!!!!

Ok, so I'm not such a great blogger...I'm not sure why. But, thanks for hanging in there with me while I try to fit this in with the rest of life!

I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me. Every time we go to Iowa and I mean EVERY time... we fall off the wagon and eat JUNK the whole weekend. We go into the weekend with good intentions and then fail miserably.
Maybe its....
Too many people... other people have plans for us when we come home and those plans usually include food and not
food that fits into a nutritious, low fat, low cal diet. And it's DEFINATELY NOT clean eating!
Chaos... I don't do well with chaos. It makes me nervous and anxious and I just can't function well within it. Due to the
above mentioned "many people" there is indefinately a lot of people
They don't understand...They just really don't "get" what we're trying to do. They know we're trying to lose weight and
and they TOTALLY support it, but just really don't understand HOW we're trying to do this. I'm sure that part of the
time they think we're crazy, and part of the time, they genuinely don't understand good nutrition. My Dad this weekend
wanted to treat us and make us BROWNIES with his new mixer. And MAN...those brownies were good. Throughout
the weekend I ate FOUR!!!! They were cut really tiny, but I was SO glad when my sister's family came and ate the rest
of the pan!
Food available...My brother owns a bakery, YEP a BAKERY!!! We've been able to stay away from it and when we've
gone, we've been able to say no every time while we're there. BUT.. the stuff from the bakery are ALWAYS
available. Like this weekend, there were donuts on top of my parent's fridge. I said no to that, but not to the
shortbread cookies they had there, or those crazy brownies, or the mini milky way bars (I had two).
I don't know... I guess it comes down to that I just don't KNOW why we fall so hard in Iowa... it's like we cross the
border and crave bad food! AND I guess that it doesn't matter. We just can't do it again.

We put a lot of plans in place this weekend to do well, so our intention is there. We are just so easily derailed!
We stopped at Applebees and got a chicken sandwich with broccoli for our lunch on the way down on Saturday.
GREAT CHOICE and pats on the back for Chris and Cheryl...and we had planned ahead for the brownies. We were going
to eat one and then work out at the wellness center to burn those calories. Then my sister and her family came and we had a bonfire, HOT DOGS, BRATS, and my new favorite food of Satan... smores made with fudge striped cookies. I only had one, but wanted MANY MANY more! ugh!

So...what do you think. What do we do to set a plan and then KEEP that plan? It's easy to say "just make a plan and stick to it." But REALLY that doesn't work. So I need ideas! and some good ones! We're not going back for a few more weeks... so we've got time. It's a battle, how do we win it?

oh.. and stay tuned... I have another post coming soon. WE DID OUR 5K!!! AND I have pics! :)
Fun times!


  1. I win! i'm the first to read and post

    I'm short on ideas but long on comiserating. On Saturday we went to Ceylon for Alicia's graduation party where there was cake, and punch, and doritos. I even brought healthy "survival" food but conveniently forgot about it. Its so tough to be a healthy nut!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the 5K and see the pictures! YAY YAY YAY!!!

    Note regarding your weekend - I wonder if you tend to go overboard when you go to Iowa because you still have a "diet" mentality? Just a thought. I struggle with this to, so by no means am I pointing fingers. We just try so hard to be good and then when faced with temptation, take a nose dive when instead, if we REALLY HONESTLY TRULY were making a lifestyle change, this would not be an issue. UGH....I'm right there with ya!