Monday, April 13, 2009

New Leaf-New Plan

Hey there... I hope you all had a great weekend! I'll post more about the Easter weekend
tonight with a pic of my new hair, but first I wanted to tell you about my Saturday morning experience!!!

The Y that Chris and I go to offers this program called NEW LEAF. I've been trying to get Chris to do it for a long time and finally WE (I wasn't really planning on the WE part) signed up for it.
Chris has to wait for his trainer to be available to do his, but Tahna was ready to start things up on Saturday morning!!!! So bright and early we showed up at the Y on Saturday and I was
taken into the back office, fitted with this crazy looking black mask that had a tube sticking out where my mouth was. I'm sure I was super hot! After she hooked me all up she shut off the lights and left the room for 15 minutes. She, for the first time ever, told me to sit back, put my feet up and RELAX!!! Can you imagine being told by your trainer to relax? I LOVED it!

The mask/tube thingy was hooked up to a machine with a computer that measured my carbon dioxide output... thus somehow determining my resting metabolic rate.
HOW cool is that?

Results... My RMR (Resting metabolic rate) was 2226 calories. So... if I did nothing all day and sat on the couch I would burn 2226 calories. That basically is what my body needs to function. Tahna then entered a level for my daily activity which since I have a desk job is LIGHT.
That gave us a final rate of 2894. So if I did not excercise and just did my normal daily routine, then I could eat 2894 calories and not gain anything or lose anything. BUT...the point of all of this work is to LOSE weight so we had to have a plan.

Our plan is to create 1000 calorie deficit each day by dropping 500 calories off of my daily caloric intake and then burning 500 calories per day with exercise.
So... I'll be eating 2394 calories per day and then burning 500 calories with whatever I do for working out each day. THUS giving me a 1000 calorie deficit that adds up to 7000 per week.

A pound is 3500 so I should be able to lose 2 lbs per week getting me to 250lbs by Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure hitting 250 by then will deter me from the Pecan Pie!

On days I don't work out, then I should drop 1000 calories off of my diet and days if I slip up, then I would work out more to burn those calories. It's all just simple math, right?

It'll be a lot of work, but I've got it in me. It'll help that Chris is doing it to!
More about the weekend to come.....

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