Monday, April 20, 2009

Smokin' hot Cheryl on her way...

Last week on Thursday I did my fitness test for New Leaf with Tahna. I was strapped into my little black mask and hopped on my treadmill. It's a cool one with the new television screens....but there was no time to watch Oprah! Tahna started me out at a normal for me speed but ramped it up and kept increasing the incline and speed until she got all of the numbers she needed. Normally it takes 15 minutes to a half hour to get all of the readings she needed but for me it took ALL of 6 minutes! Pretty crazily pathetic at this point. It's a HUGE reflection of how much I HATE doing cardio. I'm sure it's a combination of not liking to push myself and not really knowing HOW to push myself. There is something in me that freaks out when my heart starts pumping faster and I start not being able to breathe.

The cool think though, is that after they do the readings, they print out a 12 week program that if done diligently will take me from where I was on Thursday to a much better place in 12 weeks! So I have a 3 month program that if I follow it will help me lose 2 lbs/wk and increase my cardio ability in amazing ways! How exciting is that? Chris does his test on Sunday! I'm SO excited to do this with him and see where it takes us in 12 weeks. My other niece, Nicole, is getting married next summer, so it'll be amazing to see how far we can get before then. I plan to be smokin' hot myself!

I'm supposed to start the New leaf tonight, so I have to see if I can get to the Y or take Tig for a walk. Our car was hit last night by the pizza delivery person so Chris won't let me drive it until it is looked at by the estimator. :( I would take Tigo for a walk but it's raining right now. So... pray that it stops raining so I can at least do that. If not though, I have a back up plan! I have two days off...Wed and Fri that I can fill in with today's and Sunday's workouts! It's just so cool that it seems like such a no fail plan... If it fails, then it's all on me. I really feel like I have a great tool that'll help me get to where I want to be!

So stay tuned......

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