Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sore muscles and determination!!!

Checking back in...Even though I haven't been is rolling on as normal. No huge unplanned food catastrophe's, but not 100% on plan as it was just my BIRTHDAY!!! YAY So there was a little cake, a little fogo de chau, a little cheesecake at fogo de chau, and a little bit of some other stuff. BUT...There was minimal damage done.

I think it was actually a good thing to have a bit of a break and just "be." I still haven't mastered how to BE the new person I am ALL the time 100% and sometimes it just gets to be overwhelming! So... it was a break I needed and now it's over.

I worked out with Tahna last night. She KICKED my bootie!!! HOLY COW!!! I went in knowing it was going to be pretty bad since I hadn't really worked out in 4 days and had been pretty free with what I was eating. BUT... I texted her at about noon and asked for an extra hard workout. It was going to be brutal anyway, so why not make it worth while! Well, she brought it! There was lots of kickboxing, lunges, and squats, oh... and the lunges and squats were with kettle bells. I followed her workout up with a 45 minute one of my own-the New leaf Zone workout for last night. I made it through, could barely sleep from my sore muscles, but I feel GOOD!!! I feel alive and strong and can't wait to get back there tonight. Today is supposed to be my day off, but I've just had several days off... so it's ON for tonight!

Also, it's only good food for me today. We do treats at work for our birthday. The person whose birthday before yours brings treats for you. So.. my dear friend Heather is going to bring ice cream treats... I specifically requested Klondike Slim a Bear treats... they are still a treat, but with a fraction of the calories and sugar of other crazy stuff!!! Giving myself a pat on the back for picking something everyone can enjoy and I can still eat. Usually we have donuts!!!!

Have a great day...and do something healthy for yourself today!!!

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  1. Great post! U totally rocked your work out girl! Your going back for more tonight..on your day off?! I think this is a first and maybe a turning point for you and your workouts.