Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Moment...

I've wanted to use a post to pay respect to a very dear friend's loss. Jen, from priorfatgirl.com lost her mom last Friday in a tragic accident. It was too soon and she was too young. There wasn't a chance for Jen to say good-bye. My heart breaks for her and I just ask that you would take a moment and pray for her family. Pray that they may know peace through this but also allow themselves to feel what they need to feel. My prayer for them, Jen and her family, is that they would know that the God who created each of them, including their Mom, is with them and loving them during this. Also that they would know that He continues to be by their side in the coming days as well.

There's lots more to say but it seems that I'm at a loss. We lost Chris' Dad in June and this makes our loss feel very fresh to us. The situation was different but both are such a great loss.
Losing a parent is somewhat inevitable but at the same time you just never ever think it will happen. I've meant to post about Sal and our loss but haven't taken the chance to. I think it makes me feel to much that I haven't been ready to feel. Through the last few days though, I've been thinking about him a lot and the wisdom that he left us with. I'm going to do my best to share later about our last conversation, it's very fitting for this blog. I do want to sort it out a bit more though.

Thank you for praying for my friend. May she know the peace that only her creator can give.

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  1. Hi Cheryl! Remember me? Jen sent me your blog address; I need to read more but just wanted to say hi!