Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Day Well Done...

Hey there....It's already Wednesday! I LOVE having Monday's off! It makes the week go SO quick!

I am glad to report that yesterday went really well! I feel like I made good choices all day and that I can give myself a big 'ol pat on the back. YAY for Cheryl! It's been a while since I've been able to say that. It feels good!

Good choices from donut, healthy lunch, healthy dinner, only a small serving of seconds, AND get this... I sent this sneaky little snickers bar that I found in our house over the weekend home with my mother in law. There are a few more things that need to find their way out of my home, but they will. Soon soon. Maybe they can be prizes for my confirmation kids tonight!!!

Choices that need some work...I have to get to the gym!!! I'm really finding it hard to get there these days. I know the benefits of activity and understand the importance... but I just can't get myself there. Ugh! I also can't go today due to Confirmation tonight. Wednesday was usually my day off, so I'll just go with that for today. Tomorrow though...I shall find myself at the gym.
:) Me + the Y=Thursday!

At work they put these fliers out on a table in the entryway of our building. This one is "12 Smart Ways to Avoid Portion Distortion" THIS is a HUGE problem in my house. Chris and I were just talking yesterday about how we just eat too much. We're pretty good at making good choices as to what to eat for a meal...but we put too much on our plates and often go back for 2nds. At the beginning of my weight loss I lost pretty quickly at the beginning by just not going back for 2nds. New rule for Cheryl. NO seconds. (Unless it's salad or veggies.)

ok... first three things on the list of 12 Smart Ways...
ONE...Listen to your bodies clues
Yep, I'm pretty bad at this one. I don't listen. If I want it, I eat it. That even sounds bad just to write that! I also think years of not listening makes this really hard for me. I honestely don't think that I know when I'm full. Guess I need some practice in this area. Do you think it's easier to tell if you're hungry when you're eating healthy food? Hmmm.....

TWO... Prepare less food for meals
This one stated that if you make large quantities of food, you tend to eat more. It also said that if you want leftovers, you should put them away..out of sight, out of mind. I REALLY like this one. I really think that if I see a large quantity of food, I take more. If it's just me and Chris, I eat what I want. No one else has to eat. Saturday we were at an Easter party for Chris' family and there were a lot of people who needed to eat after me. I was VERY conscious of just putting just a little on my plate. I was full and very satisfied at the end of my plate.

THREE... Start with a small serving.
This one is scary with my new rule of no seconds. I'm not sure I agree with this one. I really think that you should measure your servings. A serving is a serving. I do however, think that if it's a treat kind of thing, then taking a small amount to start may be just the amount that will satisfy.

OK... there are my little nuggets for this morning.
May Wednesday be all that you are hoping for!

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  1. Hey Cheryl! All of these are great reminders - I appreciate seeing them! It's always good to keep reading and learning about health and fitness.

    On This American Life a guy said he was "20 lbs overweight and had lost the energy and ambition to do anything about it." I thought to myself - that's the only way it works - I have to pour my energy and ambition into losing those lbs.

    Re: your question about how to tell if you're hungry/full, and whether healthy food makes it easier, I think eating healthy food means you get to eat more often during the day, vs. spending all your calories on 2 or 3 larger meals. If you eat smaller portions at meals you can "afford" to snack at other times during the day. If you don't like to snack, you can enjoy a larger portion guilt free.

    It really is a math equation. If you stick to the number of calories you're allowed per day, you'll lose weight. I keep a food diary every once in a while just to check in and see if I have any fatal flaws. That's how I figured out super premium ice cream wasn't a viable choice calorie wise.. not worth what I had to give up throughout the day! When you force yourself to count, you find out when you run out at the end of the day - oh really? I can't have pizza for supper and a brownie sundae for dessert? Crap. And then you choose! Or you cut out a snack earlier in the day to save for it the next day.

    Try it for a week - I use an excel spreadsheet to log my choices and add the calorie totals for me.