Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Game on...

Game on!

So I met with Tahna yesterday and it was SO GREAT! I may have whined about being nervous before hand, but really... I feel SO lucky that I can have a trainer! She is SUCH an asset to have in my corner! And...she's just pretty great. There's just something about having done our official "first" workout that helps me to know that this is a fresh start and now... no turning back. Even as I type that I get nervous because I've said that before. But... NO TURNING BACK!

Our first workout was SO great! and hard. My quads are pretty sore today! I love it! Well, I loved all of it but the stairs. I just hate them. But I gotta think... if I hate them THAT much, maybe they will help me THAT much more! And it really just doesn't matter... I have to do them and that's that. So I will.

Today is a tough one. It's Administrative appreciation day and on a table VERY near me...too near... there are donuts, scotcharoos (Peanut butter rice krispies with butterscotch/chocolate frosting), brownies, crackers, pineapple, and two bags of baked chips that I brought.
I need to confess, I did have a small scotcharoo and a small piece of a donut. It would have been easier if I hadn't of had any because I'm having a really hard time getting those darn scotcharoos out of my head. It's really like they are calling out to me. :( But... I'm going to be tough and not have another one. ONE was enough, more than enough. I do not need to have another one. I'm not going to trade this healthy life in for a scotcharoo. It's way too important this time.

Also... I made a deal with Chris. I can have a scotcharoo but I have to run 5 sets of stairs. I don't want to run stairs, so ... I don't want to have a scotcharoo. :)

3 hours left... I won't have one.

Tomorrow in honor of earth day... everyone FLOOR WIDE... is bringing treats.
Maybe I should just stay home.

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  1. I, too, have been trying to prepare for tomorrow. Not coming to work is not an option. So we need to figure out how to deal with the smells that will be filing the floor. I hope most of the food will be in one room...just stay outta that room. Sounds simple. We both know it's not. I will be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand. Bring lots of fruit...lots of variety. You can do it, it will be hard, but YOU CAN do it!