Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So my amazing husband has his first workout with our trainer today. He will do SO great! I've never known anyone more determined in my life. I'm excited for this day for him. It's the start of an amazing challenge that I know he will blow out of the water. You see, we had been working out with trainers last year but with Malea coming and getting ready for her, fitness and nutrition sadly took a back seat. But she's here now and SO deserves us to be healthy. Today is part of it for Chris. I'm excited for all this will mean for both of us as we get healthy and really experience the life that is there for us to live.

I meet with our trainer NEXT Tuesday. We bought a package of trainers and are going to go at the same time every other week. So tonight it's my responsibility to beat my OWN self up. I'm planning on walking some, lifting some, and trying out the stepper. I usually get nervous to even go near it as it's very much NOT my favorite machine. BUT...I have this weird urge to win that battle. I don't want to live my life out of fear and I FEAR that machine! lol Usually at three minutes I'm holding on for dear life. I'm going to break three minutes tonight. It may seem like a small goal... but it's a big one for me. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow

For my friends weighing in today. GOOD LUCK!!!! May the scale reflect your hard work. But may you also know that it's really not about the number on the scale. It's about the journey and what you're learning through it. You'll lose the weight for sure, but more important is that you find yourself in all this. This journey can show you how strong and amazing you truly are. Cheesy, but true. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone and GO CHRIS!!!!

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