Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm not a guppy!!!

So I did it. I did my three minutes. Some of you may be wondering.. three minutes??? That's it? Yep, that's it. THIS time.

But I did it. I committed to something and I did it. I was very close to NOT doing my little stairmaster challenge, but on the way out I though. NO WAY! I said I was going to do it and I'm going to.

You see. I had been on the treadmill and was planning to do the stairmaster after I was done. I was just about done when this really fit guy jumped on the end stairmaster. There are just two machines so I would have to have been between him and the other fit guy on the gazelley looking machine. (Not sure of the name lol) I did NOT want to be between two fit guys as I last my little 3 minutes using sheer will alone. I didn't have high hopes of it going well. So Chris finished his workout and came to find me. We were all ready to walk out and I asked him if he would do the stairmaster thing with me. Being the great husband that he is, he agreed and we walked to the other side of the gym where no one was on the stairmaster. Chris had offered to let me have the end machine-he knows me well and my freak out-ness at looking like a crazy breathless fool next to strangers. lol

I hopped on and thought... well now, this isn't so bad. Until I hit 1.50 minutes! HA! I was DYING!! I was hanging on for dear life but doing it none the less. I had committed to you and wasn't about to let my word mean nothing. So I pushed through the other 10 seconds and then hopped off. I was breathing like a guppy out of water! Chris kept asking me if I was ok. I was ok, just dying. I caught my breath and hopped back on for another minute. JUST a minute, who can't do a minute. I could do another minute.


I did another minute and ended up doing 10 flights!
I know it was only 3 minutes but it was 3 minutes that I didn't do yesterday.

Tomorrow, I'll do 4 minutes. I will beat this machine. I will be able to stay on that sucker and look good doing it!

Yay for Cheryl!

Oh.... YAY for Chris to! He made it though his Tahna workout with flying colors. I knew he would! I'm proud of him and his effort to change our lives. I'm so very fortunate to have an amazing husband who loves me enough to work out beside me as I look like a crazy breathless fool!


  1. I am so proud of you for all this "moving" you are doing. That is my biggest challenge. be happy with the little goals...3 minutes is 3 more than 0! Every little bit counts. Keep it up...

  2. Way to go Cheryl and Chris! It's amazing once your realize you can accomplish something like that, you can keep going back and doing it again!