Monday, April 26, 2010

Goals for the week...

First of all... sorry for not posting. :)
and this unfortunately needs to be a short post. :(
But... here are... my...
Goals for the week...
*Stairs all week. I'm officially boycotting the elevator!
I work on teh 4th floor of a bigger building so really it's like 6 flights each time.
I took the stairs this morning and made it. Wahoo!
*30 day shred-every day! I am starting this challenge with my neice and my sister in law.
We are taking measurements and then at the end of the 30 days, we'll take them again.
The person who loses the most amount of inches wins! I'm not sure what we'll win as we
haven't decided that yet. I'll keep you posted!
*No treats at work!!!! (THIS is a tough one! There are always bad bad bad for you treats here
and it's SO hard to resist day after day after day!

I'm just really tired of seeing the number on the scale creep up. I gained 2 lbs back this week and I really really hate seeing that. I didn't get to my current weight (Which I'll post someday when I'm feeling extra brave!) by having it all happen at once. No one would allow that to happen to themselves. It happened gradually... day by day and week by week. So.. I need to keep the scale moving in the right direction! DOWN! not up.
Next week... let's plan for big losses!

Good luck to those of you on your own weight loss journey. May we be strong this week and get one step closer to the healthy people that are waiting to take over our lives :)

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  1. Those are some big goals for a week lady! But I know if you keep your "eye on the prize" anything is possible. The "no elevator" idea is very empowering after a week. I have not taken one upon arriving at work for two weeks now and it feels GREAT! I still take breaks on my way up, but who cares!
    Regarding the snacks here at work...hmmm...find a new job. Just kidding. It's hard. My best advice is to always be prepared. Have better choices on hand and stay physically as far away as you can from the food. My will power is close to zero here so I can't even look at it! Have a great week!!