Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doin' it again...

So if you fall off the horse you should just get right back up again, eh?

I had been doing pretty well with this weight loss thing.. until last summer. Yep, a WHOLE year ago. Wow, did I fall hard???? Anyway. We had the most AMAZING thing happen that I will share more about later. We had had been in the waiting families book for domestic adoption for about a year prior to that and one crazy Wednesday we got a call. It was my friend Jen who shared VERY EXCITEDLY that she had found a baby for us! Seriously? I completely did NOT believer her, but yep... In December we found ourselves driving to Ohio to meet our daughter.
Yesterday we had her FOUR month baby shots done! So.. with all that has happened over the last year... weight loss has been far from a priority.

But it's TIME. It's SO time!

So... maybe I'll blog a little. :) Here's to losing what I have gained back and more. :)

To be continued.....

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  1. You go girl! You shuld be proud of yourself for just "getting back on the horse." I can't wait for us to share all our success (and our failures-we can't be perfect all the time!)